2019 Sign Trends To Look Out For

With the new year well on its way we thought now would be a great time to look at some of the design trends for marketing your business continuing in 2019.

  1. Clean, Bold Branding/Design

In a world that is oversaturated with visual information it is more important than ever for brands to keep their messaging bold and to the point. In 2018 we saw the rise of bold, thick typefaces and illustrations. 2019 will bring this trend into the sign design forefront with big impactful fonts and colours. In 2019 the big players will continue to make bold statements with less information. As you continue to grow your brand strategically implement marketing initiatives that stick with this movement if you want to stand out from amongst the crowd.


Nike Zoom Signage


2. Flat Minimalist Designs

In 2018 we saw a large growth in three dimensional signage but 2019 is looking poised to see some global brands embrace the 2D minimalist direction. Line art will make a big splash as companies continue to clean up their business signage to match their marketing needs.


Cycle Sierra Nevada


3. Digital Signage / Messaging Boards

The future is now, and it’s digital! Digital signage has exploded over the last five years and that trend is not stopping in 2019. Companies are marketing themselves through new applications in the digital realm in 2019. Video walls, menu displays, way finder signage, have all become interactive and consumer driven. Make use of this trend to help your business stand above the rest.




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