LED vs Fluorescent Signs

Today, more and more businesses just like yours have made the switch from Fluorescent to LED light solutions for their interior or exterior signage. In a recent study done by BC Hydro they found that LED bulbs use 50% less of an anual operating cost than those of their fluourscent counterparts. Even though the initial cost for LED's are much higher their long term durabliltiy and effecienice savings cannot be ignored!

Below are some of the main factors that have contributed to this industry shift. 


Signs that use fluorescent bulbs use more than twice the total amount of operational wattage compared to an LED signs. The money you can save when switching to LED can be quiet substantial annually allowing you to invest into your company in other areas.

For example, the annual energy cost of an LED using a lighting control is $11.28, compared to $27.83 for a T12 using magnetic ballasts.


While LED signs are going to have a higher initial cost, they also have a lower lifetime operating cost. In fact, with LED bulbs, you can keep your sign running — uninterrupted – for more than 50,000 - 80,000 hours (or 10 - 12 years). The lifespan for the average fluorescent bulb is much shorter, lasting approximately 10,000 hours.

Mother nature who?

Theres no doubt that British Columbia has some of the worst weather conditions for your outdoor signage. Between the hard, rainy seasons and the deep winter chills fluorescent bulbs just don't have the make up to come out 100% year after year.

Due to their solid-state nature, LED's guarantee much less service, if any, during our long winter months. If service is required the process is much quicker and efficient than that of a fluorescent build, saving you even more money in the long run should something go wrong. 


Without a doubt LED's offer a much more friendly experience for the end user over a longer period compared to fluorescent bulbs. If you are curious about how to convert your signage to LED we would be glad to help! We can be found at 604 795 9858 or info@platinumsigns.ca

For more information on LEDs and their benefits visit bchydro.com